*Bring Her Home*

Schapelle Corby INNOCENT!

Friday, August 26, 2005


Thursday, August 25, 2005

"But I will learn to breathe this ugliness you see, So we can both be there and we can both share the dark. And in our honesty, together we will rise out of our nightminds And into the light at the end of the fight"- Missy Higgins NIGHTMINDS


Deep beneath life's beauty
Lies a person cold and scared
Deep beneath life's happiness
A girl sits un-aware

Our bodies just a rented shell
Inside we hold our soul
For this, our only possession
Our heart a fired coal

Eyes of such innocence
Windows to within
These eyes which hold such truthfulness
This person cannot sin

This person who sits un-aware
Shall make a change for all
For she shall pave a new road
......And in the end stand tall


Sunday, August 21, 2005

Sex Symbol??

Many of you may have seen the few articles circling the media.
Schapelle Corby was voted one of Australia’s most sexiest woman, and is set to gain $500,000
If freed and agrees to a bikini shoot.

Reading these articles made me feel physically sick, how can people even think of this woman in such a disrespectful manner? Is she not fighting a 20year sentence? And yet these men aren’t campaigning to set her free, they aren’t sending her letters of support, money……This to me is seen as pure selfishness and disrespect for women. FHM has also stated that the reason for not publicizing the votes earlier had a lot to do with the fact that at the time Schapelle was fighting execution! I often wonder what circles in the mind of some males? It was never appropriate to make public, nor is it an acceptable act on behalf of Schapelle or the many males making these requests.

I highly doubt she would be able to understand why this has been decided, or why she would be viewed that way…..But I think she would throw in a sarcastic laugh! This is awful, and I am very tempted to write to FHM for their stupidity, but I know I would be ignored!
I just have to say to everyone out there….Ignore the voices of fools, and keep doing all that you can in assisting Schapelle and the Corby Family! Letters, Care packages, prayers, and support!

Keep strong Guys


Sunday, August 14, 2005

In Defence of a Beautiful Soul, Kicked by Cowards Whilst She’s Down.

Here is an open letter written by someone who I myself highly respect!
This letter shows how many of us feel, and as soon as I received this I felt that
this was something everyone should have the opportunity to read :)

An open letter to the Australian Government and Schapelle Corby detractors
In Defence of a Beautiful Soul, Kicked by Cowards Whilst She’s Down.

We’ve heard a lot of detraction about a blue eyed, pretty faced girl.
Her gender age and beauty reputably being the only justification for the public interest and enormous support appreciated by Schapelle Corby
Far be it from me to deny her beauty, I’m not blind!
Rather I affirm she is beautiful, in heart, spirit and soul as well.
But what the hell has that got to do with the perfidious denial of rights visited upon an innocent victim?
The Federal Government’s abandonment of an Australian citizen and Indonesia’s contamination and destruction of vital evidence
Not to mention the manipulation of the court’s terms of reference to ensure the impossibility of proving her innocence.
The support for Schapelle grew out of the outrage, love and determination of herself, her family and friends.
The Aussie desire to defend the rights of a victim and stand by our own
As well as the enormous respect gained for this amazing young woman through exposure to her and the efforts by the ever increasing support networks established
But let’s get to the point!
Schapelle Corby has shown herself to be a very special lady possessing enormous strength of character and integrity, let alone true grit!
She exhibits absolute faith in her innocence as befitting her well developed ideals and principles.
Unerring trust in her support from her family, friends, the Australian people and her belief in justice!
But most of all!
Schapelle has shown us she transcends her own plight to exhibit a greater love, appreciation, concern and compassion for her family, friends and supporters than you pack of cretinous cynical winger’s could muster amongst the mangy lot of you!
I’m bloody proud she’s Australian and sincerely hope I have her blessing to call her "our girl" and family as she has been taken into the hearts of a nation and is loved and cared for by more than she will most probably ever realise.
I, like many others pledge my support and will maintain that on going support for as long as it takes to secure her freedom and beyond.
Schapelle and her family have earned my continuing love, honour and respect.
I will never forgive or forget their pain and torment and will remain indefinitely available to her and hers’.
So to the Australian Government and detractors alike, you sad, self centred character assassins "get onboard" or shut up and crawl back under the rock you came from.
Aussies don’t desert their own and never kick a mate when they’re down.

The only reward I and I suspect my fellow true Aussies desire for our efforts is the full healing, restitution of the wonderful spirit and personality and perhaps the privilege of witnessing the unsullied, glorious smile of this truly amazing, beautiful Aussie when she is home safe, well and totally free.
I believe Schapelle’s smile will light up Australia and warm the hearts and souls of multitudes.
Most certainly the thought of Schapelle free will light up my world and cause my heart and spirit to soar.

Forever at her service

just ice t

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Today schapelle steps into court once again!
I am quite scattered at the moment, so I shall keep it short and simple! FINGERS CROSSED!!

Keep this girl in mind today, and whatever religion, or beliefs you hold-please say a short prayer for her! She is doing it tough, and needs our support!

Don't dare forget her......I won't but i just want to keep people aware that, just because the media isn't jumping on her and her story so much anymore, please don't let this make you stray also!

Lets pray for the best, and keep her in our hearts and minds!