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Thursday, October 20, 2005

15 Years Not Good Enough!

Schapelle Corby has been Given a five year reduction to her 20 year sentance.
The reason for this reduction is said to have been that the Judges decided that the previous
sentance was too harsh as cannabis was not as extreme as other narcotics.

"Her sentence has been reduced by five years to 15 years, but that is still inhuman," Mr Paris said.
"This is only marijuana, not heroin. If the prosecutor appeals this case, then I will also appeal. I also will talk about the verdict with Corby."
Corby's sister said her family was devastated by the appeal court's decision.


Anonymous hurricane said...

yeh its not fucking good enough no where near good enough

8:44 AM  
Anonymous hurricane said...

Danya tha great i love love love love love love love love love love you so much u r n amazing, caring n beautiful person n i would like to thank you u for all that have done you beautiful girl it means alot to schapelle and her family to see how much u support our beautiful girl and every one else that supports schapelle a huge thank you to every one it means alot thank you

8:50 AM  
Blogger Danya said...

Thanks sweet heart! I try My best, but i suppose thats all we can do hey? Thanks 4 leaving a comment Babe :P mwah


6:56 PM  
Anonymous roger said...

Man is this all there is for Schapelle? What's this fucker Keelty saying about the Qantas baggage handlers' arrests on Nov 25 having nothing to do with Corby's defence? He's full of shit and should be sacked immediately.

1:41 PM  
Blogger Danya said...

Roger....If you can tell us we shall both know! I am sooo sick of it all, there is sooo much that should back her case when it comes to corruption in airports....but people are sooo fast to say it isnt related...its almost the first thing to be said in defence of aussie security in airports.....but i think the fact that there are people like yourself and I who ask this that makes it clear that there is an issue and it must be addressed! Thanks for asking that though i may not have the answer ...its nice to know im not alone in the questions department
thanks heaps, much appreciated

12:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Danya, Danya, Danya.
Where for art thou Danya?
My pleasure you deny, so many, many weeks no postings, Why?
Your heartfelt words of wisdom, your impish humour too,
please write more to share your thoughts as reading them is pleasure through and through.
WA is blessed with an Angel, though she should not send chain mail,
she is loved and cherished deeply, so her reasons seen, common sense prevails.
Please share with us your wisdom Danya, any topic will do,
for here is one that relies on your words to brighten each day through.
Oh Danya, Danya, Danya!
Such a lovely girl, she should be more outspoken, in this, at times, quite desolate, despondant world.
To be or not to be? that is no question here,
She exists and splendidly so,
so let us here her opinions and let her guide our thoughts,
it is her silence that worries me, her absence is cause to fear.
This world needs compassionate people, an Angel is a real boon,
Oh Danya, Danya, Danya....please write some more, real, real soon!

4:22 AM  
Blogger Sergio said...

Hello Danya,
My name is Sergio Zaza and I an a member of SOS forum. I have just found your site using the new "Save Schapelle" tool bar. Just want to say hello and thank you for your efforts to help Schapelle. I know it can be difficult to maintain the energy required for this battle. Don't let it wear you down.

Regards, Sergio.

9:59 PM  
Anonymous Catherine said...

yep, it's not good enough so now it's back to 20.

7:02 PM  

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