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Schapelle Corby INNOCENT!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Spirit Of Schapelle would like to invite you to participate in our latest campaign initiative 'A Smile A Day'.This is a combined concept that was developed by the administrators of "Spirit of Schapelle", "Foreign Prisoner Support Service" and "Freeschapelle.net". Together we have come up with this idea to support a positive action whilst remaining fairly simple enough for everyone to get involved in.

We hope, with your support, to send thousands of colourful smiles to Schapelle to lift her spirits and brighten her day!Please visit any of the sites below for more information.


The Official Site of Schapelle Corby~

Foreign Prisoner Support Service

Spirit of Schapelle

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I would like to take some time to look at a wonderful Schapelle supporter. She is a Friend of mine who puts hours upon hours of efforts into what she does, and I'm sure many of you know who that person is. This Girl, deserves a huge round of applause, and many, many thanks.

Whilst sitting here I decided to mention her and just let BEAUTIFUL SONIC know that I highly appreciate her friendship, and not only that, but also that I admire her courage and efforts, as I'm sure so many others do as well.

Good work Sonic, you keep it up sweet heart!
And never forget that it is better to give than to receive :)