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Schapelle Corby INNOCENT!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Beauty has nothing to do with innocence!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

schapelle Corby!

schapelle corby, a 27year old woman,who was found with 4.1 kg of marijuana in her boogie board bag, and was sentanced to 20years imprisonment in a Balinese prison, on the 27th of May 2005!She has never addmitted to this crime which she DID not commit!She has been unjustly sentanced to serve a severe term!

Many people have taken out there anger on the Indonesian people ! To me this is a highly unfair sentance, for schapelle, but anger will not solve her situation!I believe that the indonesian justice system is unfair, as a terrorist can get 2 1/2 years for killing innocent people, but a "drug Smuggler" gets 20years! I think this is the confusion in many Australians!

It disgusts me that people would demand their tsunami funds back, this money was given from our hearts, and how dare we ask for a refund! Thats like giving some one blood who is dying, and after the transfusion, asking for it back!

schapelle is innocent without a doubt!
there is far to much evidence....or was should i say until it was tampered with, and destroyed!

The prosecution, had already decided on her sentance before the verdict was made, why bother even having a trial?

I believe strongly in this beautiful woman, she has done no harm to anyone, and yet look at how she is treated!Her story breaks my heart each and every day!

I have never gone , nor will i go against the wishes of the corby family, as they know what is best for schapelle!The media will die down....but we musn't forget schapelle!

xox Danya