*Bring Her Home*

Schapelle Corby INNOCENT!

Thursday, July 21, 2005


Schapelle’s Re-Trial began on the 20th of July.
Her team requested that they have an extension
To provide the courts with more evidence, and hopefully a culprit!
They were granted an extension until the 3rd of August!

The scene on the way to the courtroom was appalling,
Schapelle was quite harshly thrown about!

Let’s continue to hope and pray that these witnesses come forward,
And can help out with case! She has worked to hard for this to fall apart, and i think that with all the support, it won’t fall apart...because we can get very angry!
(Although I don't want it to come to that)

Xox Cheers dudes, keep writing, and sending your support to Schapelle and her family!

Thursday, July 14, 2005


Yesterday you may have seen the footage of schapelle screaming, swearing and even pushing, prison guards off herself!The media, never actually explained why this was, as they tend to put a picture in your mind and allow you to create your own opinions on why this was taking place!

This all began with the visit of human rights officials checking up on the state of the prison, and if it was running correctly!

They made her out to be some sort of Fruitloop.......

I have one question, and as i ask this question, i find myself laughing in hysterics

HUMAN RIGHTS?hahahahah!
what an embarrassment, to the indonesian Government.....This was an awful occurrence,
But, one has to think "How will this make The indonesian System look"?

Friday, July 08, 2005


Schapelle Corby will turn 28 on the 10th of July! Whilst in Kerobokan, visitors will not be seeing her on this date.....as Sunday is very rarely a day visitors are permitted! Schapelle has told her family that she will remain 27 until she is home!

I would like to wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Although I am aware that this will not be!
Keep up your prayers...we will bring her home!

xox Danya

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


The schapelle Corby Trial has been re-opened, at the request of the indonesian high court!This allows Schapelle and her legal team to bring forward new witnesses, and perhaps even someone who will admitt to placing the marijuana in to her boogie board bag on october 8th 2004!