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Friday, March 17, 2006

Marijuana Destroyed

Bali police burn Corby's marijuana

Bali police have burned the stash of marijuana that sent Schapelle Corby to an Indonesian jail for 20 years.
The drugs were piled up on top of a metal drum in a backyard beside the Denpasar District Court where a distraught Corby was convicted on May 17 last year.
There was little fuss apart from some dizziness among some of the spectators after chief prosecutor I Ketut Arthana, who led the case against the Gold Coast woman, poured petrol on the pile and set it alight.
Watching on were Denpasar Mayor Anak Agung Puspa Yoga and local police chief Hari Dono Sukmanto, as well as a small crowd of journalists, who said they became giddy as pungent smoke wafted over the yard.
Her infamous zip-lock boogie board bag in which the drugs were found by Bali airport customs officers also went up in flames along with the board and even Corby's surf fins.
Other drugs from other criminal cases were also destroyed, including almost 10,000 ecstasy pills, 1.9 kg of heroin and 4.2 grams of hashish, as well as bottles of illegal home-made beer.
Corby, a former student beautician and shop assistant, wasn't there.
She remains locked up in Bali's Kerobokan Prison after the Supreme Court in Jakarta in January rejected her appeal and restated the 20-year term that had been cut by five years by a lower appeal court.
Her legal team has asked the Supreme Court - Indonesia's highest - to review its decision. But granting such a request would be an unusual move and is far from certain.
Corby defence lawyer Erwin Siregar, who watched the burning, said he was concerned the evidence had been destroyed.
"If we find new evidence and then reopen the case, and they want to check, the evidence is no longer there," he said.
Corby's defence rested on claims the cannabis was planted in her bag by mistake by baggage handlers at Australian airports working for drug traffickers.
Siregar said he failed to convince Arthana to delay Friday's bonfire and admitted that there was no obligation to stall the burning, because Corby's legal case had already been completed.
Still, he said, they should have waited in the interests of "finding the truth".
Arthana said the drugs had to be destroyed to prevent the stash being stolen from a police lockup.
"We didn't want to keep it for too long," he said. "Although (the evidence) is secured behind an iron door it is only guarded by one person."
He said 8kg of heroin smuggled by the Bali Nine could not be burned yet because the Australians were still appealing.



Anonymous Jase said...

Yeah thats pretty fucked up. I knew they were gunna do it tho. Dujno wht they had to burn the flippers and body board. I hope the toxic fumes makes them sick for weeks.

3:43 AM  
Blogger Danya said...

well jase...they want to give anyone related 2 drugs a huge slap on the wrist and imprison them for years...and yet they can all go out into a backyard....and burn kilo's of marijuana...and think that no-one will end up high?? Now where is the sense in that? You would think under any normal law...this would have been done in, an enclosed furnace would you not? their law has too many holes in in makes me laugh actually…..

12:26 PM  
Anonymous Jase. said...

A classic example of Hypocrisy on their part and further proof of how corrupt they are.

1:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where was the harm in keeping a small amount for DNA testing? Oh, thats right, they dont need to test it coz Schapelle had it in her boogy board so of course she was guilty! WTF? Whatever happened to the TRUTH? Has it all just gone up in SMOKE??

8:51 PM  
Anonymous Carina said...

Hey Danya - Thanks for the updates. Great blog!! See ya girl!

4:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK Grrl,
No greater love, respect and affection hath any person than I have for you Danya.
OMFG Sonic, I'd lay it on the line now without a second thought. Kay, apart from the fact that we share a common belief and bent towards the teachings of Buddhism, she has a heart of gold. But to be encouraging useless letters to SBY is tantamount to entertaining the troops whilst the war is waged without their knowledge or input.
I see myself as a warrior, not a deluded follower of peaceful, placating uselessness being manipulated by liars and political subterfuge.
There are definitely a few others that should be mentioned in my praise but the context would be lost within the volume.
There are many who I would make a stand for but none have earned their place in my heart as much as you....... but all the do gooder's in the world can not change reality.
When are we going to start to fight?
When are we going to stop accepting what is handed out to us and make a stand?
When are we going to develop the smarts to play the political subterfuge game that is perpetrated against us?
Has it ever occurred to anyone that the granting of temporary visa's for the Papuan's was to offset the flack of the AWB bribes scandal?
Has it ever occurred to anyone that Cowards affirmation of Indonesia's sovereignty over the province of Papua is an agreed political tap dance to authenticate Indonesia’s right to continue the atrocious human rights abuses and slaughter of the West Papuan’s who have the gut’s to stand against Indonesia?
How many are fully aware of the rape and destruction of Papua’s people, forests and natural resources.
Yes it’s rape, yes it’s pillage and plunder of forests and resources that cannot be replaced, regenerated or forgiven, all in the name of politics and economics.
Some of the greatest human right’s abuses are being perpetrated against people so close to Australia that I am sure I can hear their screams and anguish in the still of night.

When are we going to fight Danya?
When does our conscience demand we make a stand?
When are all the bleeding hearts and do gooder’s going to accept that the only way to get Schapelle home is by financially negotiating sentence remissions like everybody else lucky enough to have true supporters has done?
When are we going to accept and embrace reality?
When are we going to allow our brains to bolster our heart and soul?
When will we develop the guts and gumption to follow our conscience?
When, when, when?

4ever and always yours

1:55 AM  
Blogger DJ Wolf said...

It was a blow to have the marijuana destroyed but I also believe that 'evidence' that cannot be destroyed still exists. That is: Schapelle asked for her luggage to be weighed and compared to the weight printed on her ticket. This would have confirmed her guilt or innocence there and then and is not a request that a guilty person would make.

However, according to Indonesian Law we must find the guilty party. I accuse the Bali Police of planting the drugs and my grounds are as follows: They deliberately contaminated the fingerprints and used Schapelle as a witness as to when they appeared there. These policemen were never reprimanded. They refused Schapelle's demands to weigh the marijuana and this suggests that they had something to hide. They allowed and promoted the anti-drug campaigners to put pressure on the court and the media. They denied access to the evidence for forensic testing by the defence and answered for the court in a letter to the AFP saying the AFP's assistance was not required. Never were the Denpassar baggage handlers or anyone from the Denpassar end ever questioned as possible perpetrators. The Bali police controlled the scope of the investigation and the defence and used racism whenever anyone suggested that the Denpassar airport may be suspect.

The marijuana was planted on Schapelle because the Bali 9 had not occured at that time and the Indonesian authorities needed a high profile drugs case to make their case for DEA funding from the American government. Since the 'War on Terror' had become such a successful cash cow, they decided that they would try the 'War on Drugs'.

Schapelle is just a hostage for money.

11:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any chance of Schapelle getting free was sent up in smoke by burning that evidence.

10:00 AM  
Anonymous Jase. said...

Dj wolfs post has finally put all the peices together for me. The only reason to destroy any evidence would be if you had something to hide. But we may have to wait to see if they burn the drugs from the bali 9. If they don't. It'll show that Bali police are hiding something.

12:19 AM  

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